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    2015 Summer Camp

      This SUMMER  get involved in one of the most challenging and rewarding tennis Camps in Florida !! With PASSION and ENTHUSIASM  Canas Tennis team of tennis professionals will help your child a...  Learn More

    Canas Tennis at Aventura’s Marketing Council Meeting

    AVENTURA MARKETING COUNCIL hosted its 2015 second monthly breakfast meeting, celebrating “All About Tennis”. Our Directors Guillermo Canas and Gustavo Oribe participated in the main panel ...  Learn More

    Tribute to Guillermo Canas

    Tenis Club Neuquen has made a tribute to Gulliermo Canas. One of the three newly courts, recently inaugurated, will be called “Court Guillermo Canas”. A wonderful way to pay tribute to one...  Learn More


    Los días 22 y 23 de Noviembre pasado se disputaron las finales del Octogonal Final de la primera edición “Copa Argentina Rumbo a Cañas-Miami 2015” en el Tenis Club Neuquén de la ciudad homóni...  Learn More

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