Cañas Tennis Foundation

The Cañas Tennis Foundation prides itself on leveling the playing field, and giving all aspiring tennis players the opportunity to reach their full potential as athletes. Guillermo Cañas, Gustavo Oribe and Martin Garcia have made it their personal mission to find players around the world and in the local community and give them the platform to achieve their dreams as a tennis player. As we all know, tennis training is extremely time consuming and financially draining on many families. Unfortunately, many junior tennis players around the world cannot move forward with their dreams because of situations they themselves cannot control. This is why the Cañas Tennis Foundation was created. The Cañas Tennis Foundation allows athletes an opportunity to achieve their tennis goals by providing them with scholarships that come from different fundraising events hosted throughout the year along with generous contributions.


Cañas Tennis seek to keep all players in a safe environment they can trust; to engage them in productive activities that teach discipline, build confidence, improve school performance, and encourage a healthy lifestyle. We empower our students from the Tennis Academy in Miami to achieve their highest potential by helping them develop meaningful values and critical life skills that will lead them to make constructive life choices. Cañas Tennis builds life champions.


For more information about the Cañas Tennis foundation in addition to how you could make a difference in the tennis career of promising champions please contact the Cañas Tennis Director, Gustavo Oribe.