After careful consideration the Cañas Tennis Academy has decided to partner with K12 International Academy as their academic provider. Canas Tennis students now have an opportunity to continue their education with The K12 International Academy. Canas Tennis and K12 have joined forces to provide a second to none academic offering. Utilizing K12 teachers, counselors, enrollment specialist, and academic coordinators; Canas Tennis has created a flexible academic model structured for student to physically and academically compete at an elite level.


The Cañas Tennis Academy launched their comprehensive instructional program this year. Cañas Tennis integrates an individualized academic program with online programming to provide a rigorous college preparatory experience that meets and/or exceeds state and national standards. Canas Tennis academic program is individually tailored to our students’ needs – more than 100 courses, including a full range of core curriculum, advanced placement, honors classes, electives and college prep courses. Our graduates have and are attending many top tier universities across the nation.


Students aspiring to attend a top-tier, competitive university benefit from a rich and demanding curriculum, one-on-one instruction by certified teachers, dedicated Academic Advisors, College Counselors, and full technical support provided by K12. Through K12, students are able to gain a private-school education with the flexibility of learning virtually anywhere, at any time.


This uniquely-flexible program adapts to students’ training, competition and travel demands by offering customized weekly schedules and calendars, continuous enrollment and 24/7 access. Overall, K12 delivers experienced teachers, a robust curriculum, intense PSAT, SAT and ACT training, and college counseling, so that students can secure spots at top-tier universities.

One more reason to join the Tennis Academy in Miami Florida.

K12 at Canas Tennis provides a structured yet flexible solution for talented individuals to learn without any compromise. Every student is challenged with competitive instruction designed to prepare him or her for college success. As an accredited institution, K12 offers an extensive curriculum of 120 classes including electives, AP and Honors courses.


Each course has a course outline, modules (lessons) with objective, tasks, quizzes/ tests, and an assigned teacher. In addition to the teacher, the student is also assigned an advisor to monitor their pacing or their ability to remain on track with regard to their assignments. Each course is designated to a department (Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies). Each department is led by a chairperson. Teacher/ student/ parent conferences and faculty meetings are all regular elements within the virtual world. Our registrar has access to the data as each student contributes their time. The grading consists of auto-graded assignments and teacher graded assignments. Our curriculum is developed and provided to our students by a team of highly qualified, experienced, and certified educators, technology masters, and editors for the review of quality material.


K12 International Academy has undergone review and has been accepted by the NCAA as approved for students to use in meeting eligibility standards to play Division I and II collegiate athletics. The AP courses are listed as approved by the College Board to carry the Advanced Placement title on transcripts.


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