Management & Consulting


Canas Tennis Management & Consulting Services are the perfect way to align your hotel, country club or community with a world class name and tennis program. The Canas Tennis leadership team and its consultants have over fifty years of combined experience in the tennis business.

CTMCS performs two fundamental functions:

Develops, implements and manages training centers at all levels of tennis (Men’s programs, Women’s programs, Juniors, Junior Competitive, Club level, etc.)

Offers consulting and performance models for players in all divisions and ages (This will be a huge benefit to the players in your organization that take tennis seriously)

By associating your tennis facility with a world class organization and name, you will see the following results:

·       Increased Revenue

·       Increased room stays

·       Increased new memberships

·       Decrease in fixed costs due to staffing or salaries

·       Free added exposure on a national and international scale due to cross marketing

·       Higher level tennis professionals trained by our team that bring added value to the operation and amenities.

·       The opportunity to be involved with one of the most recognizable names in the sport of tennis to promote any facility.


Wouldn’t it be nice to not have to worry about your tennis courts and programs and know that instead of tennis just being an amenity to your club or community, it could be a revenue source? Stop waiting and call Canas Tennis Management and Consulting Services today and join the team.

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