Nutrition for Tennis players

Based on the daily routine, physical activity and dietary habits of each person, a diagnostic report on the feeding is done. Following this improvements are introduced in the quality and quantity of food. These variations are made according to the needs of the player: weight loss, weight gain, improved muscle volume are some of the objectives. Subsequently a weekly or bi- weekly follow-up with talks with recommendations for food are done.

Physical Therapist and Massage Therapy

Massage therapy and physical therapy are practices that aim for similar goals; to aid in healing, relieve pain and restore function. Massage therapy has more of a holistic approach where mind and body are one and the focus is primarily on the soft tissues. Physical therapy usually focuses one body part at a time, providing rehabilitation to improve strength for it to work properly.

Both are practices designed to maintain and improve body conditioning and functioning of ours tennis players. Massage therapy is part of alternative and complementary medicine and includes structured movements for manipulating skin, muscles, ligaments and tendons. Physical therapy provides care to ours players with limited abilities to move after an injury and may include therapeutic exercises, manual therapy techniques and adaptive equipment.