Physical Training

For us, fitness is an organized and hierarchical set of training procedures whose objective is the development and improvement of the physical qualities of the athlete.

Our players must be physically prepared to have a balanced development of their skills and avoid injuries. Therefore, it is our responsibility to help our players get the fitness level required to world-class standards.

We perform a joint effort between the coaches, athletic trainer and physical therapist to guide the player in the best possible manner, highlighting their strengths and working on their weaknesses, adapting the training process to periods of competition.

Sports evaluation

Through sport evaluations we seek to obtain evaluation indicators through simple evaluations allowing us to substantially improve the sports training and performance of our players.

The initial evaluation gives us an initial picture of our players from the scientific point of view, not from an assumption, which allows us to work more specifically without loss of time. Some of the methods used are:

Anthropometry and postural analysis:

It is a series of systematized technical measurements that express quantitatively the dimensions of the human body. Body size and proportions, physique and body compositions are important factors in physical performance and fitness. Anthropometry is not an invasive evaluation since all measurements are performed externally.

These measurements provide information about the size of the individual as a whole and for specific segments, parts and tissues. Bone diameters describing the overall robustness of the skeleton, the circumferences of the members provide information on the musculature and skinfold thickness are indicators of subcutaneous adiposity.

The results allow us to observe and determine body composition, obtaining the value representing each component: fat mass (fat), muscle mass, residual mass, bone mass and skin. It also allows us to determine, according to the physical activity performed by the individual, which is performed daily energy expenditure and thereby changes in diet.

Evaluation of the strength, agility and power:

Through the use of several test protocols with the use of a contact pad, we can determine the force, the explosive force of the lower and upper body, the ability of nervous recruitment, use of the elastic energy, and resistance to the force that holds fast an athlete at a given time.

Video Analysis

Tennis is a sport in which the actions are executed at high speed, so it is not always possible to make a reliable diagnosis of errors through direct observations of the movement in terms of training and competing.

Therefore, by using the video analysis, we obtain relevant data that allow us as coaches to improve technical training of our athletes.

From this evaluation we can establish guidelines regarding the tennis training, allowing us to correct any errors found, in a short period of time.