Cañas Racket


Afterschool Programs

Afterschool Programs at Canas Racket are designed to:

Help kids develop important motor skills

Teach concepts and strategies involving physical movement and performance

Show children how to live healthy lives through physical activity and fitness

Teach social and personal responsibility (through fun drills and games!)

Junior Afterschool Development Programs:

The main objective of our program is “to train children through sports”, stimulating movement and passion for sports, values, integration and coexistence, healthy life and good habits and the development of social and emotional skills.

This stage of the child’s sports training is aimed at laying the foundations for a rich motor experience through play. Prepares the child for better learning in later stages.

Tiny Tots (Ages 3-5)

Quick Start (Ages 5-8)

Junior (Ages 9 & up)

Junior Afterschool Competitive Programs:

This stage continues the integral development of the child, forming it through sports. Boys and girls work on the
specific techniques and tactics of tennis. They incorporate skills and values. They participate in tournaments and
competitive events. They live the thrill of the game and the competition. In this stage, the activities are aimed at
consolidating the profile of young athletes and a comprehensive method of work is incorporated that includes
physical, technical, tactical and mental aspects.

(Ages 9 & under)

(Ages 12 & under)

Weekly Program

Weekly Competitive

(10 - 18 years old)

The weekly competitive program is designed for players seeking to improve their tennis ability in an intensive short-term program. Weekly athletes maximize their time on court and focus on key aspects of their game, including core aspects of our Integral System. Special attention to footwork, patterns of play, mental and emotional aspect will be perfect it in a short period of time. Our team will maximize the potential of each player, incorporating the strengths into their own profile as players.

Full Time Program

Full Time Competitive

(13 - 18 years old)

The Full-Time competitive program is designed for players seeking to strike a balance between high performance tennis training and a college preparatory education. Full time players train all aspects of our Integral System: in order to develop a well-rounded player with solid fundamentals. The full-time program enables each player to maximize his or her potential through a personalize plan and schedule. The depth of experience in our team will ensure that each aspect of a player’s development is addressed.


Special Programs

Miami Open Week

Miami Open Week program has been designed by the successful and only member of the great ‘Argentinean Legion’ who decided to settle and establish his tennis academy in the United States, Guillermo Canas. Enjoy this exciting tournament that brings lasting memories for “Willy”, who managed to be a finalist in 2007 where he defeated for the second straight week former and undisputed ATP World N1, Roger Federer.

Junior International December

Enjoy this exciting month of training and tournaments among which are two of the best international ITF tournaments worldwide, the Orange Bowl and the Eddie Herr International. Also, the USP College Tennis Showcase event where participants are evaluated to determine their tennis level with the opportunity to receive scholarship offers from universities in the United States. Have the opportunity to compete in other tournaments and USTA Junior International which undoubtedly will provide a great tennis experience and the chance to live unforgettable moments that will mark you forever.

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