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Canas Racket, formerly known as Canas Tennis, has evolved into a comprehensive Racket Sports hub. With our extensive experience as a full-service tennis management company since 2009, we have expanded our services to encompass a diverse range of Racket Sports, including Padel and Pickleball. At Canas Racket, we are dedicated to continuing developing exceptional programs tailored to individuals of all ages and skill levels across various racket disciplines. Whether you’re a seasoned player or just starting out, our team is committed to providing unparalleled experiences in Tennis, Padel and Pickleball.


At Canas Racket, our mission is to create a transformative path through sports and education, positively impacting individuals and society. We are committed to fostering healthy habits and enhancing the quality of life for all those who choose racket sports as their passion. In addition to our dedication to tennis, we now extend our reach to include Padel and Pickleball, broadening our offerings and opportunities for athletes of diverse interests. Through our comprehensive programs, we aim to empower individuals with the skills, knowledge, and resources needed to excel in their chosen racket sport, while also promoting physical well-being, personal growth, and community engagement.

Philosophy & Values

At Canas Racket, we uphold a strong philosophy rooted in excellence, with a dedicated team of professionals who strive for greatness in everything they do. Our core values act as guiding pillars, shaping how we manage our facilities and deliver our programs.
  • Inclusion: Creating a welcoming and valued environment for all.
  • Respect: The basis of interactions for a harmonious community.
  • Empathy: Connecting with individuals’ unique journeys.
  • Teamwork: Fostering collaboration and camaraderie.
  • Perseverance: Empowering individuals to overcome challenges.
  • Commitment: Dedication to clients’ aspirations and continuous improvement.
  • Solidarity: Giving back and making a positive impact.
  • Discipline: Shaping a mindset for personal and collective success.
These values define our identity and create an environment nurturing personal growth, sportsmanship, and a sense of belonging within the Canas Racket community.

Integral System

At Canas Racket we believe in the practice of an integral system that allows every participant to develop into a well-rounded tennis player through four components:


  • Basic motor skills
  • Coordinative capabilities
  • Strength
  • Resistance
  • Flexibility
  • Speed
  • Injury prevention

Social, emotional psychological

  • Motivation
  • Concentration
  • Control of emotions and thoughts
  • trust


  • Development of specific tennis skills
  • Complement of biomechanics applied to tennis


  • Oriented to understand the game
  • Game situations, tactical intentions, application tools in competition
  • Performance factors
These components reflect various stages throughout the player’s development and are incorporated in every program at Canas Racket and in the Canas Racket pathway.

Canas Racket Program Pathway

We have a program for everyone

Begin your tennis journey today, join us!

Canas Racket program pathway offers each player the possibility of finding the program that best suits their expectations, abilities and motivations for playing tennis. This path offers development possibilities to children, youth and adults who want to practice a sport to improve their quality of life, their health, their technical skills or develop a competitive path through it. Tennis – a sport for life – join us.

Canas Racket Staff

Guillermo Canas - Ambassador

Guillermo Cañas


Gustavo Oribe - General Director

Gustavo Oribe

General Director

Martin Garcia - Finance-Accounting

Martin Garcia


Nicolas Maidana - Facility Manager

Nicolas Maidana

Facility Manager

Foto Fernando Vilches

Fernando Vilches

Director of Coach Development

Hector Reyes - Coordinator of Development Program

Hector Reyes

Coordinator of Development Program

Agustin Vampa - Coordinator of Competitive Program

Agustin Vampa

Coordinator of Competitive Program

Fabian Balmaceda - Coach

Fabian Balmaceda


Imanol Ibarrondo

Imanol Ibarrondo


Eduardo Gomez - Coach

Eduardo Gomez


Juan Latin

Juan Latin


Braulio Carvallo - Coach

Braulio Carvallo


Fabian Ferrer - Head of Maintenance

Fabian Ferrer

Head of Maintenance

Florencia Roncatti - Sales & Operations

Florencia Roncatti

Sales & Operations

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