Cañas Tennis


Improve Service Quality, Optimize Processes and Increase Performance

We propose you to be part of the Cañas Tennis family through our Management & Consulting program
designed to adapt to the structure and needs of each tennis facility.
Our Program will provide you with tools specially designed to enhance the following aspects of your business:

  • Increase the volume of clients: Through attractive programs that meet the demands of children, youth
    and adults regardless of their level of play.
  • Improve the Quality of the service: Through the training of the personnel in charge of the development
    of the programs and various tools that allow the application of new methodologies, technology and
  • Image, Marketing and Communication: We provide recommendations and design proposals to improve
    communication with customers, the image of the company and services.
  • Systematization of the Processes: Allow clients to develop in the different stages of the programs in a
    related way, in a simple and productive way.

Program Designed to adapt to the needs of each place

At Cañas Tennis we believe that the design of new sports strategies, the planning of activities and the implementation of innovation tools are essential for the development of sport.


Through a team of professionals who are involved in each project in order to promote ideas and contribute new proposals, a Consultancy program for Clubs, Organizations and institutions was designed that allows flexible adaptation to the needs of each project.

Training and Teamwork Program

Our Training and Teamwork Program was designed with the aim of providing tools to all the people involved in the development of programs and processes.


The Workshop Modules are made up of various activities in order to promote learning (for example, workshops with development of specific themes, reality-based activities, problem-based learning, practical training opportunities, and reflection on and about the action). All of this will encourage increased knowledge and behavior change and will motivate them to seek new opportunities to improve tasks.